Certification for the rating of added value created by IT

Often it is not enough when a company has established the right measures and concepts in its IT department that shall support its business operations in an optimal way. When users do not use the tools that are offered to them in a really efficient way, the desired added value cannot be achieved. But how can a company prove that it has this aspect under control?

With the West Trax Quality Award  - certified by the IHK Darmstadt - companies receive an official and neutral seal of quality in terms of the economic utilisation level of its SAP system within certain defined key performance indicators (KPIs).

This seal of quality stands for the highest performance of a SAP system a company can achieve within its industry. It is a factual proof that its IT department has understood to efficiently support the business processes of the company with the SAP system. Especially in today’s globalised business world, where prices and speed are important success factors, through the stated advantages competitiveness in particular, and therefore the business success of a company, can be considerably increased.