West Trax Maturity Model® for SAP Systems (2016)

West Trax, the internationally operating, independent analyst and advisor, based in the Rhine-Lahn district, has been awarded the IT Innovations Prize “BEST OF 2016“ ERP, by “Initiative Mittelstand”, a German interest group supporting medium size enterprises. Their choice was for the West Trax Maturity Model® for SAP systems, recently developed to allow for a transparent categorization of SAP systems. The West Trax “ELVA - Executive Lean Value Assessment” solution received the same award in 2015.

The statement of the “IT Innovations Prize” jury states, “The excellent product convinced the jury and belongs to the top of this year’s innovations. Initiative Mittelstand has thus chosen highly innovative solutions which help medium size enterprises become ready for a successful digital future”.

The WEST TRAX Maturity Model® offers benefits for both end users and service providers, as it is an objective analysis of the current state and degree of utilization of developed and complex SAP landscapes. Clients get essential information helping them make the system fit for the future. With the analysis as a basis one can determine a desired cost/benefit ratio for projects. This enables each enterprise to determine its individual future timetable and priorities.

The West Trax Maturity Model ® allows service providers to assist clients from their individual starting positions and offer custom-tailored services. The required facts become transparent for all parties, allowing for comprehensive calculation of all projects costs and timing.

WEST TRAX Maturity Model ® for SAP Systems

Increase Business Value

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Increasing your level of System Maturity will optimize your day-to-day operations and increase
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