West Trax Methodology

For many years SAP® software has been the number 1 ERP solution in many companies and it is unthinkable to not have it. It is integrated into most of the essential internal and external business processes and has significant influence on the efficiency of key business processes. Yet many organizations fail to establish a usage and performance monitoring system as a process for ongoing quality assurance. This is the only way to ensure that the SAP® system and associated investments continuously add value for the company. But how can you determine whether the SAP system is being used efficiently? Which methodology can you use to measure added value?

With the West Trax maturity model and the West Trax KPI family of analyses we offer measurement methods that will help to answer these questions. They provide the strategic and operational decision-making bases which help to make efficient long-term use of SAP® systems and increase the effectiveness of SAP® investments.

The West Trax Methodology

  • Automated analysis of SAP systems usage based on reusable process models in electronic form
  • Offline analysis providing rapid transparency with minimal use of resources
  • Template and rule-based process models to compare different SAP systems
  • Customizable simulation and calculation models for calculating optimization potential and project costs
  • West Trax KPI Scan® methodology and database certified by Chamber of Commerce and Industry Darmstadt
  • Certified KPI model that can be extended or customized to clients’ needs
  • Over 1,500 analyses conducted
  • Benchmark database currently includes systems from 15 different industries
  • Presentation of results in the form of easy to use and reusable BI cockpits (on QlikView base)