West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer - The Innovation App

Automated Migration Assessment for SAP S/4HANA and more

Transparency and Facts Without Workshops in One Day Only!

Automated Migration Assessment that totally disrupts other migration assessments for SAP HANA & S/4HANA. The app on SAP Cloud Platform runs the process in less than a day. And it does support more ...

  • Consolidation of SAP systems, clients or company codes
  • Release upgrades
  • Overall modernization
  • Outsourcing
  • Overall transparency
  • Quality of SAP usage assurance

Clients use the app to achieve the West Trax Quality Award for “Best Used System.”

Features and Benefits

70% Reduction in Time to Value

Cost-effective West Trax automated migration assessment methodology can typically save an SAP customer up to 70% of time & money spent in months of Face-to-Face workshops.

Based on award winning West Trax Maturity Model®

With the KPI Scan® methodology, the actual use of SAP® systems by end users will be transparent, including vulnerabilities existing in the operating and business processes

Your Bridge To Digital Excellence

The West Trax KPI Analyzer® is aimed at all companies planning to prepare their SAP landscape for the introduction of advanced technologies and major lifecycle changes. These include in-memory, S/4HANA, Mobile Computing, Big Data, Cloud, Real Time Business, Internet of Things etc. It provides an objective determination of the ''As-Is'' situation and clear client actions to be taken to achieve the desired goals and benefits. Resulting projects can be carried out with a reliable Business Case based on facts.

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