West Trax Maturity Assessment for SAP systems receives the Initiative Mittelstand innovation award, "BEST OF 2017"

2017-03-20 02:07pm

For the third year in a row, the Initiative Mittelstand has awarded the "BEST OF" seal of approval in the area of ERP to analyst West Trax. Not least because of the scalability of the West Trax analysis, which can be used by organisations of all sizes, from mid-size to large international corporations. The Initiative Mittelstand is a community of interests composed of industry experts, scientists, IT experts and professional editors.

Jury member and professor of operational information management at the University of Halle, Stefan Sackmann: »INNOVATION means asking the right questions at the right time and having the courage to tackle possible solutions, even against resistance." Diana Bohr, CTO West Trax states: "With its maturity assessment West Trax answers questions about the maturity of SAP systems, thereby enabling organisations to set the future course based on facts, without having to rely on gut-feelings or third-party opinions."

The West Trax Maturity Assessment for SAP systems:
In times of digital transformation, SAP projects are no longer purely IT projects. They require massive rethinking. The West Trax Maturity Assessment helps the client and its service providers to successfully combine various interests from management, areas of expertise and IT, and to coordinate all parties involved, internally and externally. The assessment is objective and supplier neutral, putting the entire SAP system to the test.

On the basis of the West Trax Maturity Model, it is determined how fit a system is for the future, for example, whether it is already well positioned to implement the latest innovations and thereby generate added value. The Maturity Assessment provides comprehensive transparency for decision-makers, so that they can retain control of the future-readiness of their SAP landscape and not be "externally controlled". The tried and tested West Trax methodology works completely offline, does not require workshops and requires only one hour of the client’s time.

For further information, please visit www.westtrax.com

West Trax
Since its founding in 2003, the analyst West Trax has specialized in the objective analysis of SAP systems. In addition to a certified KPI model, numerous tools and methods are used. The analysis cover the areas of future security, cost, productivity, complexity, performance and quality, as well as project-specific investigations in the run-up to, for example, upgrades, consolidation or outsourcing. West Trax has a comprehensive benchmark database for comparative purposes. The workshop-free approach in the form of an offline analysis requires only minimal resources on the client’s part. Results, transparency and robust facts are available as a basis for optimization projects within a few weeks.

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