SAP HANA® and S/4HANA® User Survey 2017

2017-03-14 12:38pm

In conjunction with the team of Professors Andreas Pasckert and Peter Gordon Rötzel, independent analyst West Trax is to conduct an SAP user survey on the subject of HANA® and S/4HANA®. Issues to be addressed concern the conditions under which an organisation can efficiently make the change to HANA or S/4HANA and how efficiency can be further increased and costs reduced after a changeover.

Today many companies face the challenges of coping with in-house complexity and constant change in the SAP system environment, while constantly seeking to improve the quality, costs and speed of data provision. The increase in the performance of the SAP system and the simultaneous reduction of its own specific extensions are frequently discussed means of raising cost or transparency advantages. Questions arise as to which internal and external factors will influence the switch to HANA or S/4HANA. Where is there potential for success and how can it be realized. Similar discussions about, for example, whether a change to S/4HANA is worthwhile, have been conducted in many companies for quite some time.

The User Survey addresses companies in the German-speaking world, regardless of whether they have already introduced HANA or not. Answering the questions takes about 15 to 20 minutes. To thank the participants West Trax and the professors will invite them to an expert forum. In addition, there is a short analysis of an SAP system by the analyst Westtrax as well as 3 Amazon purchasing vouchers worth 150 € each.

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Prof. Dr.
Andreas Pasckert

Prof. Dr.
Peter Gordon Rötzel

Prof. Dr. Pasckert and Prof. Dr. Rötzel teach and research in the area of ​​management information systems, in particular focusing on the successful migration of ERP systems as well as on efficiency gains through the digitization of processes. Prof. Dr. Pasckert specializes in the design of business processes. Prof. Dr. Rötzel focuses on the efficient design of management information systems against the background of big data and information overload.

West Trax
Since its founding in 2003, West Trax has specialized in the objective analysis of SAP systems. In addition to a maturity model for SAP systems and a certified KPI model, numerous tools and methods are also used. The analysis covers the areas of future security, cost, productivity, complexity, performance and quality, as well as specific investigations in the run-up to, upgrades, consolidation or outsourcing projects. With more than 1,500 analyses, West Trax provides a comprehensive benchmark database for comparative purposes. The workshop-free approach in the form of an offline analysis requires minimal client resources. Results providing transparency and robust facts are available as a basis for optimization projects within a few weeks.

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