Experton Group and West Trax publish the second edition of their independent comparison of service providers "SAP HANA® Vendor Benchmark 2017".

2016-10-27 10:00am

  • Maturity of SAP HANA® service provider market has increased significantly
  • Few SAP S/4HANA® reference projects available yet
  • Demand for multi-service providers and specialists with technology or process expertise.

"Think Digital" is the motto for SAP users. For this reason, SAP offers strong vehicles in the digital age with the HANA in-memory database and the new generation of its S/4HANA software. However, the challenges facing customers and service providers are great. Too many of them have been focusing on SAP as an IT topic in recent years. Now it is essential to bridge the gap between IT and business, because HANA projects are not pure IT projects. Only those who manage to combine technology with process, business and strategic interests will successfully create the way to the new digital age.

Digital transformation also allows new business models to be identified and implemented. Here especially, service providers are required to support their customers with skills and experience. In recent years and months new developments quickly follow each other - too quickly for many end users to keep up.

"SAP customers are now demanding the right partner to cooperate with them in the development of, often individual, roadmaps and use cases; and to provide the necessary facts (effort, costs, required skills," milestones" etc.) for a future-proof decision," says Diana Bohr, Benchmark Project Manager and CTO of West Trax.

In the independent study "SAP HANA Service Providers Compared", Experton Group, in cooperation with West Trax, has, for the second time examined the performance of SAP HANA service providers who are currently active in Germany. The positioning of vendors was based on an independent research and evaluation process which was conducted from June to August 2016. The vendor benchmark, "SAP HANA Service Providers Compared" offers users a uniform market overview and concrete decision support in the assessment of the performance of the service providers in the SAP HANA environment in the German market. Strengths and weaknesses of the providers become transparent.

"Customers demand not only technical expertise from their service providers, but also a holistic approach from idea creation, vision and strategy to process redesign and implementation, based on on-premise or cloud solutions with high security. Above all, the "business case" issue is more important than ever, since a return on the investment is urgently required, "said Frank Schmeiler, project manager of the benchmark and research director at the Experton Group.

Many service providers now offer end-to-end support for HANA and S / 4HANA projects. i.e. they provide all, or a majority of, the services and benefits required. However, there are also suppliers who have focused on sub-areas and are no less successful in this market segment. In order to take this situation into account and to include the respective strengths of all service providers the present benchmark includes the following five evaluation categories:

1. SAP HANA - Multi-Service Provider
2. SAP S/4HANA - Service Provider
3. SAP HANA - Technology Provider
4. SAP HANA – Process Service Provider
5. SAP HANA - SME Service Provider

Overview of market categories - SAP HANA Vendor Benchmark 2017
Example 1: Market Categories- SAP HANA Vendor Benchmark 2017

SAP HANA - Process Service Provider
In times of digital transformation, established processes have to be rethought and may have to be replaced, in order to remain competitive in the new digital world. By providing solutions such as, "Business Suite on HANA" or S/4HANA, SAP is pushing ahead with the support relevant business processes based on HANA technology.

This can be used to map business scenarios that provide a company with significant added value and can sometimes be absolutely decisive. This is about more than just the pure acceleration of existing processes. Completely new business models are possible which could not have been realized just a few years ago. Even more challenging expectations for service providers.

Example 2: Experton Market Insight - SAP HANA Vendor Benchmark 2017

SAP HANA Process Service Provider
End users expect not only deep process and industry knowledge from their providers, but also the ability to quickly put themselves into the situation of the individual client, without committing to months of resources. For providers, it is crucial to "pick up" the client’s specific history and future planning and not to rely on standard environments, since they will not be found. The development processes that SAP environments have experienced at SAP customers are too varied. This is especially important in process design.

Understanding and transfer of innovations, sometimes even the provision of proprietary innovations, is of great importance when choosing the right service provider, since it must be transparent to the client specifically where their use will actually be achieved. Far too often statements are heard such as, “The benefits in the context are clear, but it doesn’t fit for us."

For the successful use of HANA, detailed and customer-specific strategic consulting based on robust facts is not only indispensable, but is also a prerequisite for developing reliable business case scenarios ", says Diana Bohr. In the future SAP HANA process service providers who can combine these skills with the necessary process and industry know-how and have proven experience with various use cases, will be much sought-after.

The Experton Group and West Trax identified 43 companies as relevant SAP HANA process service providers in the German market. 22 providers were able to position themselves in the Leader Quadrant: Accenture, All for One Steeb, Atos, BearingPoint, Camelot, Capgemini, Consenso, CSC, Dell, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom (TSI), FIS Group, Freudenberg IT, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM, Innovabee Group, itelligence, MHP, Q_PERIOR, Scheer and Sopra Steria Consulting.

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