AS-IS Transparency & Facts Without Workshops - in 1 Day!

West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer: The Innovation App

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AS-IS Transparency & Facts Without Workshops - in 1 Day!

West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer: The Innovation App

This independent automated Software-as-a-Service assessment app replaces workshops & classical methods that teams used to use. Significant budget savings & accuracy for SAP systems, delivering full AS-IS data about Level 5 business processes transactions and custom code usage across ALL modules & locations for all users. Support for Migrations to SAP S/4HANA, System Comparisons and Consolidations, Software Integrations, Carve Ins/Outs, Modernization, Outsourcing, and ongoing Monitoring.

Automated Migration and Optimization Assessment

Gain Substantial Time to Value

Typically cut 99% of AS-IS assessment time, reduce the cost by >70%, reduce budget constraints & optimize ROI. Capitalize on automation that increases productivity, drives innovation, mitigates subjectivity & human error risk.

Use Cases - Extract

  • Cost savings
  • Re-standardization
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Modernization
  • Automation
  • System and Process usage
  • Background job issues
  • Comparison in all variances
  • Storage Optimization
  • Migration to SAP HANA
  • Migration to SAP S/4HANA
  • Results to Advice (R2A)
  • Template mapping
  • Benchmarking
  • Integration / Interfaces
  • Monitoring Cockpit
  • Consolidation / Integration
  • Carve in / Carve out

Features and Benefits

99% Reduction in Time to Value

Cost-effective West Trax automated migration assessment methodology can typically save an SAP customer up to 99% in time to value and >70% costs reduction spent in months of Face-to-Face workshops.

Based on award winning West Trax Maturity Model®

With the KPI Scan® methodology, the actual use of SAP® systems by end users will be transparent, including vulnerabilities existing in the operating and business processes.

Your Bridge To Digital Excellence

The West Trax KPI Analyzer® is aimed at all companies planning to prepare their SAP landscape for the introduction of advanced technologies and major lifecycle changes.

Accelerates accurate budget planning

It provides an objective determination of the "As-Is" situation and clear client actions to be taken to achieve the desired goals and benefits. Resulting projects can be carried out with a reliable Business Case based on facts.

Continuous Monitoring of SAP System Usage

Transparency, Facts and Figures at your fingertips for all clients, company codes and users.

KPI Benchmark database

1,800+ automated assessments in 15 different industries guarantee independent neutrality.

West Trax KPI Analyzer® Subscription Packages

Due Diligence Lite

  • Maturity Assessment with KPIs and Industry Benchmarks for KPI categories Maturity, Productivity, Costs, Performance, Storage and Quality
  • Mapping of used Standard Functionality against Business Process Model showing most supported enterprise areas with drill-down into core business processes
  • SAP S/4HANA Fit-Gap Analysis KPI
  • Cost Savings Calculator for Custom Code and Storage

Due Diligence Pro

  • Includes Due Diligence lite package
  • Quick Win Deep Dive for Custom Code shows details of usage with drill downs per client, company code and user including downloads in Excel
  • Quick Win Deep Dive for Quality related KPIs:
  • Used Standard Transactions that are no longer maintained
  • Custom Code Documentation
  • User Activity for License Validation

Deep Dive

  • Includes Due Diligence packages
  • Mapping of used Standard Functionality against 5-Level Business Process Model with drill-down on all 5 Levels for each client, company code, user, user type and S/4HANA Impact
  • Adjustable Lists with many dimensions plus extract options for details behind KPIs.
  • Several drill downs per client, company code and user
  • S/4HANA Fit Gap Analyzes with link to SAP Notes

Monitoring, Roll outs & QA

  • Same Content than Deep Dive package
  • Client Specific Business Process Template support on Demand for Roll Outs and Monitoring
  • Flexible Subscription Models customized to Clients’ needs
  • For West Trax Deep Dive Clients only

R2A (Results to Advice) Coaching on Demand

*5-Level Business Process Model: Enterprise Areas, Core Business Processes, Process Groups, Processes, Transactions)

Facts about the Innovation App

KPI's and Benchmarks

The West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer® is automatically measuring specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding the usage of your SAP system. It additionally delivers up to date comparison Benchmark data. It is based on a combination of the West Trax KPI Scan® methodology and the award winning West Trax Maturity Model®. With the KPI Scan® methodology, the actual use of SAP® systems by end users will be transparent, including vulnerabilities existing in the operating and business processes.

Measure the Maturity of grown SAP systems

The maturity level of an SAP system is determined in terms of its future readiness and the likely benefits of investments in new technologies and projects. It helps to identify necessary steps that create value for clients' business by optimizing system usage and establish sustained future readiness.

Business Processes

The West Trax 5-Level Business Process Hierarchy uses a mapping algorithm that allows the analysis of used transactions and reports split by Company Codes and Users from a business process point of view. It reveals which enterprise areas, core business processes etc. are supported by the implemented system. These results indicate the degree to which a company is focused on supporting business processes through the exploitation of the SAP standard software.


A Fit/Gap analysis between used standard functionality in your system and available functionality under S/4HANA helps to understand and measure impacts for business processes with drill down to company codes and users. Quantities like how many impacts per location can be expected, help to define project efforts and required resources.

Identify Unnecessary Custom Code

The analysis of usage of custom code helps to identify code that delivers value today and/or in future and identifies unnecessary custom code that does not need to be migrated and reduce project time and effort. All details available through table exports. Cost Savings Calculator included!

Background Jobs

Identify Background Jobs that do not deliver value and reduce migration effort. Also analysis of Background Job usage help to define future architecture and sizing.


Go back to standard by optimizing transaction and document type usage.


What-lf analysis regarding yearly growth of your database as well as database compression impacts. Storage Cost Savings Calculator included!


No matter whether SAP S/4HANA is already an issue or not, housekeeping is important. The analysis delivers information about unused custom code and documents types, overhead, authorization adjustments, system usage that have impacts on your license situation and many more - ready-to-use.

Results-2-Advise (R2A)

As-ls actual KPI Analyzer report: Facts mitigate subjectivity for business case creation.