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West Trax:

Objective analysis of the SAP® system

West Trax is an international independent analyst specializing in the objective analysis of the SAP® system usage and the associated levels of value creation. We profile this dynamic firm to find out more.

Founded in 2003, West Trax is based in Germany and the UK with offices in Austria and Switzerland, and is privately owned. With more than 1,500 SAP analyses completed in 15 different industries the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) in the West Trax benchmark database offer powerful comparison possibilities. The firm analyses provide SAP customers and service vendors with essential facts and information to support successful outcomes for all SAP related projects.

Especially in times of digital transformation, SAP projects are no longer purely IT projects. They require massive rethinking. The West Trax Maturity Assessment helps the client and its service providers to successfully combine various interests from management, areas of expertise and IT, and to coordinate all parties involved, internally and externally. The assessment is objective and supplier neutral, putting the entire SAP system to the test.

Based on the West Trax Maturity Model, the firm determines how fit a system is for the future, for example, whether it is already well positioned to implement the latest innovations and thereby generate added value. The Maturity Assessment provides comprehensive transparency for decision-makers, so that they can retain control of the future-readiness of their SAP landscape and not be “externally controlled”. The tried and tested West Trax methodology works completely offline, does not require workshops and requires only one hour of the client’s time.

Also, the question “SAP S/4HANA – Greenfield or Brownfield?” which appears to be a hot topic these days is addressed with the West Trax solution portfolio. There are SAP landscapes that have evolved with a high degree of standardization that are suited to “Brownfield approaches” and there are heavily customized systems where a “Greenfield approach” may be justified. Many decision makers only guess that their system is heavily customized. They do not really know if important business processes do make use of this customization or not. Very often it is even not transparent if parts of their critical business processes today happen inside or outside SAP or are already highly standardized. In this case “Brownfield” would be a good option. The West Trax Maturity Assessments delivers details and facts to justify the one or the other.

Among the firm’s satisfied clients is ArcelorMittal the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in more than 60 countries, opted for West Trax and its SAP optimisation solution KPI Scan® in order to reveal optimization potential in its major SAP landscape. The main focus is on use of SAP standard functionalities and deploying best practices in its business processes. West Trax used DELL Services for analysing the supporting SAP instances and manual processes onsite. Mr Sunil Halbe, the Project sponsor from ArcelorMittal states:

“We are delighted with the identified improvements in our SAP instances. We now have an opportunity to optimize the use of SAP standard functionalities, implement and adhere to best practices and better process efficiency with improved control environment”.

Ultimately, for many years, SAP software has been the number 1 ERP solution in many companies and it is unthinkable to not have it. It is integrated into most of the essential internal and external business processes and has significant influence on the efficiency of key business processes. Yet many organizations fail to establish a usage and performance monitoring system as a process for ongoing quality assurance. This is the only way to ensure that the SAP system and associated investments continuously add value for the company. The West Trax methodology helps to determine whether an SAP system is being used efficiently and measures added value. It provides the strategic and operational decision-making bases which help to make efficient longterm use of SAP systems and increase the effectiveness of SAP investments. Looking ahead the firm will continue to offer these innovative solutions to its clients.

“...the firm determines how fit asystem is forthe future... whether it is already well positioned to implement the latest innovations and thereby generate added value...”

Emil Bohr
Address: Amselweg 13, Hahnstätten, 65623, Germany
Phone: +49 6430 9 20 98

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