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There are so many different Use Cases for the West Trax analyses during an SAP lifecycle. No matter if you plan a major project or just intend to optimize your As-Is.
If you don’t find a publication that addresses your needs, please feel free to get in touch with us regarding your specific requirements. We’re more than happy to support.

In my presentation, you will learn, how the "System Usage Profile" analysis by West Trax can support you in checking the maturity level of your system, what the
most important system KPIs are and how we can determine your optimisation potentials.

Do you still remember? A few years ago, when everybody starts talking about Digital Transformation, many of us did not really had an idea what exactly that meant and how it could impact our world. Many different theories, ideas, guesses, benefits, challenges, fears, and threats have been presented under the umbrella of “Digital Transformation” ...

Würden Sie auch gerne wissen, welchen Standardisierungsgrad Ihr SAP-System hat oder welche Werte Sie für Eigenentwicklungen in Ihrem SAP-System haben oder welchen Anteil an S/4HANA Auswirkungen Sie in Ihrem SAP-System haben?

West Trax is an international independent analyst specializing in the objective analysis of the SAP® system usage and the associated levels of value creation. We profile this dynamic firm to find out more.