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Jörg Tresbach

Three questions to Jörg Tresbach, Procurement Management - Information Technology MEWA Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG

1. What is the most important challenge for IT decision-makers in relation to your system?

Answer JT: From IT’s point of view system decisions, regardless of their nature, are always medium to long-term decisions. However, the business is changing more and more quickly, which is why the biggest challenge is to make the right system selection in the context of the company strategy.

2. In your company would you be inclined towards a green or brown field cloud solution?

Answer JT: Whether Green or Brown Field is not primarily a question of the cloud. The question is:

  • Whether the current processes will be good and will continue to be good in the future. If this is not the case, a renewal of the systems must be based on a Green Field approach, regardless of the cloud.
  • Provided that the processes remain largely unchanged the question arises as to whether the application requires a "renovation". In this case a Brown Field approach may be more appropriate.

However, it is very likely that the first variant will be used for very large CRM or ERP projects.

3. In order to create a successful strategy the opinion and experiences of which parties (internal and external) should be included at the plannung table?

Answer JT: As a matter of principle, the policy competency lies with IT, but we always follow the approach of involving the relevant departments in the planning.