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SABIC is a leading manufacturer of chemicals, fertilisers, plastic and metals. In January 2007, the company took over Huntsman UK Petrochemicals, which is based in Teesside, UK.

"As we left Huntsman we needed to quickly build a clone of the Huntsman SAP system. The Huntsman system was built to serve several businesses, so we knew that there was going to be a lot of surplus in there that was tailored for other Huntsman businesses. For example, there was custom code for calculating VAT in Italy, and we don't have anything in Italy. I wanted to find a tool that would highlight how effective our cloned system was, and what our priorities should be for improvement. In particular, what the company was using frequently and what was not being touched. West Trax provided an extremely detailed analysis down to every item of code. Around 70% of our custom code wasn’t being used. It has been money well spent. We have already made significant reductions in our unused code. Any system that reduces our support costs and allows us to focus on business value would have to be a good thing. I’m not sure why more people don’t do this."

"A simple, effective, valuable and low cost way to improve the performance of your SAP system. Our internal work to support the KPI scan was little more than a few hours work to run some transactions. The results that cam back were accurate, insightful and very well explained. (These guys know SAP inside-out). We made some really important benefits. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone experiencing performance issues with SAP, or who wants insight into how to prioritise SAP improvements."

Paul Ettridge
ICT Manager SABIC UK Petrochemicals Redcar UK