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Data Process, the service company of Kali and Salz, is optimising the SAP Service for its customer with KPI Scan from West Trax.

Through a continuous optimisation process with KPI Scan / KPI Optimiser over the last 12 month the risk of migrating to mySAP has been greatly reduced. With KPI Scan we are able to find the potential for improvement and we can measure
our progress and success.

With the West Trax solution we found we could improve the level of Standardisation by more than 6% and the number of custom code programs could be reduced by more than 30%. The quality level of our system is now above average. One of our main tasks is the availability of a high performance SAP system in order to support our Business processes. The results of the West Trax analysis were key to our Success.

Dr. Lamp
Managing Director of Data Process and CIO of the Kali and Salz Group