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Our strong alliance partners

West Trax works together with renowned sales professionals and partners to offer combined expertise and customised solutions to our clients. Professionals or companies with proven expertise and sales experience in the ERP area who are interested in partnering with West Trax please contact us.

Our strong alliance partner

Human Investment Advisory (HIA)

Human Investment Advisory (HIA) is a Business Transformation Advisory focused on helping CEOs and CXOs transform their #1 Challenge into their #1 Business Opportunity by maximizing their people investments to increase client revenue, profit, and competitiveness through alignment, engagement, development, and governance.

To enable HIA solutions, HIA teams with world-class partners and channels, such as West Trax, BTT, and SAP, to help clients with disruptive innovations, applications, digital technology, and metrics. The focus is on high value solutions, such as accelerating “as-is” SAP assessments for migrations to SAP S/4HANA using the West Trax KPI Analyzer app – with the lowest total risk, time, and cost. This SAP customer focus includes the “as-is” information that SAP customers can also apply to integration, consolidation, and M&A valuations, using the app. While HIA people investment improvements are offered today, once a strong digital client technology platform is established, the full HIA model will be enabled to optimize the third leg of the stool, which is People Transformation and Governance tied to each client’s business model.

Human Investment Advisory, Inc. (HIA)
Ph.: ++1-678-485-1687

Contact person

Human Investment Advisory, Inc. (HIA)
Jim Villwock, Founder & CEO

Telefon: ++1-678-485-1687