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News from the year 2015

2015-11-30 02:31pm

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In most industries more than 30 percent of SAP applications are in-house developments. Many SAP systems are packed with obsolete proprietary developments. Their functions could be fulfilled more cost-effectively with standard software. But that makes a review of the business processes necessary.

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2015-11-25 10:02am

The 80/20 Rule – Good News for CFO’s and SAP Users

At a recent conference in Berlin, our CTO reported that the cost savings our customers are enjoying as a result of our services are typically split 20% from within the IT organisation and 80% from business operations.

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2015-11-19 02:35pm

Experton Group and West Trax publish the SAP HANA® Service Vendor Benchmark 2016

The SAP HANA® Service Vendor Benchmark, carried out by the Experton Group in cooperation with West Trax, was used for the first time to take account of the importance of current HANA experience.

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2015-11-04 01:49pm

Compliance & Data Governance as an opportunity

Winshuttle + West Trax, experts in the optimization of SAP systems, partner with arvato Systems for a Compliance Day on November 5 in Frankfurt

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2015-02-20 10:31am

“Run Simple” – Isn’t So Simple!

At every possible opportunity SAP is encouraging organisations to prepare for the exciting new world of SAP HANA and SAP in the Cloud with the message – “Run Simple”. But what exactly does this mean for today’s SAP customers?

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2015-02-20 10:19am

How companies using SAP can prepare for cloud-based solutions and Hana

"Simplify and Optimize", under this motto SAP CEO Bill McDermott started something that Luka Mucic, SAP’s CFO calls, "the greatest transformation in the company's history." In addition to the traditional SAP business, the sale of software licenses, SAP will in future increasingly rent SAP Hana software operated in the cloud. Customers can pay a low tariff regularly to use this compared to the high license fees when buying software.

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