The West Trax cloud solution: KPI Analyser

"KPI Analyser” - a new dimension in SAP ® Business Analysis from West Trax!

The KPI Analyser cloud solution automatically identifies objective independent SAP® optimisation metrics based on West Trax analysis tools and benchmark data.

The analysis establishes current KPI values and provides benchmark comparisons together with trend data. Recommended actions and all necessary implementation details are provided. Wherever possible the cost-effectiveness of these actions is calculated.


The Client extracts the required data from the SAP® system and uploads them to the KPI Analyser server. The results of the automated on-line analysis are available immediately at the push of a button and can be stored on the server or downloaded for further local processing. The only prerequisites are a browser and an internet connection.

Commercial terms

SAP® customers can purchase license keys for the analysis of one or more systems. Each key permits an unlimited number of analyses for the associated system.

Benefits for the client

Increased system transparency  and avoidance of unnecessary maintenance costs.

Results of measurements are completely transparent. Concise recommended actions to reduce costs. Calculations of cost-effectiveness show the recoverable  project ROI. Trend data ensures ongoing transparency and identifies continuous improvement opportunities.

Analysis results are management friendly and optimised for iPad use.


The KPI Analyser is “Must-have” for all SAP® users!

Flexible and easy to use. It delivers immediate results and always works with current benchmark and reference data. No interference with the SAP system, the analysis takes place off-line. No user training required - it is intuitive.