Custom Code Monitor

The West Trax Custom Code Monitor is a cloud based KPI Analyser service that enables SAP customers to rapidly perform an automated, accurate evaluation of the effectiveness of their custom code. With minimal effort they can then ensure that only those programs which deliver added value remain in the production system.

Client data compared with latest benchmark data
Client data compared with latest benchmark data

Due to a lack of system transparency SAP customers invest ever increasing resources in system maintenance. As a consequence innovations and new developments may be constrained by a lack of funding. The Custom Code Monitor assists clients to reduce maintenance efforts to a minimum, freeing up resources for projects that add value to the business.

West Trax has completed over 1,400 analyses of SAP systems. Results have shown that on average SAP instances contain 45% custom code, 40% of which was not used but incurred unintentional or unknown maintenance costs.

With minimal effort the West Trax Custom Code Monitor allows clients to rapidly identify wasted effort that can be easily eliminated from the system without risk.

Repeat analyses on a regular (e.g. monthly) basis provide trend data ensuring ongoing transparency, continuous improvement and increased ROI.

A significant reduction in maintenance cost may release funding for innovation and business improvement projects.

An order form is provided below for SAP customers. If you are a service provider interested in using the West Trax KPI Analyser for your clients‘ projects please call us or email

System dependent licensing model
The solution in detail
Example of an analysis
Example of an analysis

Standard tables and reports are extracted from the SAP System in accordance with instructions provided by West Trax and saved as ZIP files. These are uploaded to the West Trax server and analysed online. No business or personal data is uploaded. The server and data centre security environment is state of the art.

The results are presented as absolute numbers and percentages. In addition spreadsheets and graphs are provided. Appropriate improvement actions are recommended for each analysed metric. 

The Custom Code Monitor includes a calculator which produces a financial evaluation of optimisation potential and benefits. The user can adjust the calculation parameters as required. All tables and graphs are optimised for iPad use, allowing the results to be conveniently accessed and viewed by client management at any time.

Calculator excerpt
Calculator excerpt

The calculator establishes both the potential savings generated by eliminating unused custom code and the associated costs.

Detailed implementation information is provided in list form which can be downloaded for further processing. The export interface is Excel.

Lists available for download
Lists available for download

In order to create a historical database, the results of previous analyses are saved and can be used for comparisons and trend analysis.

Order form

Order - KPI Analyser Custom Code Monitor For SAP Customers

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The Company hereafter referred to as "Customer"ordered the KPI Analyser®, Release-status 1.0 for an annual licence fee of £6,235 per SAP system (includes benchmark-updates and software maintenance) for the following custom-made systems:

The KPI Analyser® licence permits unrestricted analyses of the above listed SAP systems, independent of the size and number of utilised modules.

The licence is valid for 12 Months with automatic extension if not cancelled 3 months prior to expiry.

The order will be confirmed promptly via email.

On receipt we will send confirmation of your order by email and provide you with your unique access data to the KPI Analyser®. We will also email the invoice to you. On request we also provide a hard copy invoice by mail.

The user rights, as stated in the terms of use, are granted to the customer solely on condition that the full purchase price has been paid.